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28 February 2023 @ 10:48 pm

If you want to know more about me, please follow de LJ cut, then may you'd like to add me as a friend (: but please leave a comment introducing yourself, that way I can know about you too
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03 January 2011 @ 03:15 am
Happy New Year!

To all my f-list ^^ !!
Hope everybody enjoyed your new year's eve! Mine wasn't sooo good, but that's fine, I'm sure next year it'll be better (:
Let's try following all our goals okay!?
I love this new year atmosphere , maybe is my favorite year time!  Okay okay, let's change topics!
This month we have a JUMP's release and I'm not sure i'll have money to buy it, but I'll buy it for sure 8D (debt, bankrupt ...who cares about all this?)
Oh Yes , JUMP's calendar theme will surely be Hawaii !!! YAY INOO WITHOUT T-SHIRT I'LL SEE ALL HIS SEXINESS AND WHITENESS AND
Like I was saying, I'm looking forward to this *-*
This pic in the myojo issue totally made me depressed:
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20 December 2010 @ 06:17 pm
Hi every one! I didn't post graphics for a while now, so today I came just to share some icons made these last days :)
mostly of them are Inoo's, sorry, but you know i'm kinda biased :P


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17 December 2010 @ 07:30 pm
Hello hello hello, ohisashiburi ne D: almost a whole year since my last post? may not that much XD but anyway, today, i'm not in the mood to post in english, sorry, today my post will be in portuguese! I swear it's only once ! (okay that's not true , never belive me ! I'm a liar just like my ichiban (:  )

Pra falar a verdade não sei o que postar, mas sempre tenho essa vontade de postar no fim do ano, e no começo dele também o_õ Bom...
Mais um ano se passou, entrei na faculdade (yay :D) , consegui meu certificado do FCE, fiz novos amigos, perdi alguns, o inoo atingiu seu hatachi *-* virou um adulto de 20 anos, enfim , né .

Esse ano foi um ano lindo para o JUMP <3 tantas coisas lindas saíram (deixando a gente mais pobre cofcof), espero que ano que vem seja assim ainda *-* e sei lá acho que já tá na hora de trocar meu icon né IUHSAUILASHUISAD , mas é tão love a princess inoo ):

para 2011 eu espero~
Muitos lançamentos do JUMP, mais partes solos para o Inoo, me sair melhor no japonês e na faculdade @___@, que eu consiga um emprego e possa comprar todas os goods lindos da JE que eu quiser , e claro meus jogos lindos também *-*

Boom esse post foi mais pra comentar o fim do ano mesmo ._. quase não tenho friends brasileiras mesmo UASHDUSAHAIS , vou ver se daqui a pouco posto coisa útil, e em english :D

Foto de gente LINDA só pro post não ficar tão inútil :)

(obs: gente eu tô sempre cagada nos meus moods do LJ D: cêis já perceberam? brava, acabada, cansada LUIHSADUILSHSADUHUAI tenso... uma coisa a melhorar ano que vem também!!)
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04 February 2010 @ 04:08 am
Hello everyone! So I'm here today because I have many things to say, but at the same time i don't remember them clearly .__.'

But I divided my post into 5 parts! please read each one of them :)!

1 Brazilian Fanmeet
2 Yabu's birthday
3 Hey! Say! JUMP about
4 My future death , wich will probably be done by my mother
5 My birthday and a random stuff I'm looking forward to buy someday

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